The Oakland Schools Literacy Team is made up of consultants with expertise in English language arts, special education, and content-area literacy.  We provide professional learning, coaching, consulting and support to educators, schools, and districts in Oakland County and support peer to peer learning by developing educator networks across the county and the state.

We believe in empowering teachers as leaders to design and deliver effective literacy instruction that facilitates student engagement and achievement.  The shifting landscape of the 21st century places new demands on students, teachers, and schools, and impacts the definition of effective literacy instruction.  We support literacy instruction that:

  • os_literacy_logo-stackedbuilds the communication and foundational literacy skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) of all learners.
  • uses culturally relevant materials in instruction so readers see themselves in texts.
  • focuses on critical literacy so students, our future leaders, can identify and develop effective arguments, weigh evidence, determine bias, and understand different perspectives.
  • helps all students become proficient in the “new literacies”: visual, informational, digital, media, technological, and cultural literacy.
  • helps students recognize  the unique literacy demands of the different academic disciplines.
  • develops, at grade-appropriate levels, the corresponding literacy practices needed to participate in these academic domains.