OWP logo copyWho We Are

The Oakland Writing Project (OWP) is an affiliate of the National Writing Project (NWP) whose sponsoring institutions are Oakland Schools ISD and the University of Michigan-Flint.

Our Mission

The Oakland Writing Project focuses on:

  • creating an intellectual, supportive home for practicing educators,
  • promoting, developing, and supporting learners’ engagement with 21st century literacies, and
  • transforming education through involvement in social justice initiatives to provide increased access to quality education.

These common purposes have anchored our site for almost 30 years. The OWP has taken a leadership role across Michigan in collaborating with multiple intermediate school districts, universities, and writing projects to address the immediate literacy needs of our students and teachers.

lightbulb with handsOur Vision

The Oakland Writing Project joins in the shared vision of the National Writing Project: envisioning a future where all individuals are accomplished writers, engaged learners, and active participants in a digital, interconnected world. We recognize that with the swiftly shifting education landscape in Michigan comes a need for brokering different types of partnerships. Our partnerships are now focused beyond a single university and a county of 28 districts. We are now partnering with researchers from multiple universities whose research agendas link to district needs. As technology becomes more pervasive, we recognize how our partnerships have the potential to reach every corner of Michigan and beyond. We realize that we need to focus on ways to build strength within our own state–to build multiple, statewide, collaborative learning partnerships that plug into a larger national network and include the National Writing Project.

How To Get Involved

Each summer, the OWP holds a multi-week Summer Institute hosted by Oakland Schools. Throughout the year, the site hosts events and teacher study projects. Interested in learning more? Contact Site Director Susan Wilson-Golab or check out the link to our invitational flyer.