What is AARI?

AARI (Adolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative) is an accelerated county-wide initiative focused on academic literacy designed to bring elementary (grades 3-5), middle, and high school students to grade level quickly. AARI is built on a strong foundation of best practices, evidenced-based strategies, and culture-centered research that continues to grow in order to best support student success.

How does AARI work?

AARI focuses on critical thinking with expository text to help students access content from texts.

AARI emphasizes small group instruction that meets students where they are and accelerates their reading through instruction built around:

  • Community
  • Text-Based Inferencing and Critical Thinking
  • Text Structure
  • Question Answer Relationship (QAR) and Questioning the Author (QtA)

What are the requisite conditions for implementing AARI successfully?

  • Assessment
  • Appropriate level of text
  • Small group
  • Daily instruction
  • Ongoing staff development including coaching, after-school support meetings, and learning labs
  • AARI requires administrative support in scheduling small classes and release time for assessing students
  • AARI requires the best teachers

What is the Teaching Approach?

  • Responsive teaching
  • Asking inferential questions that stretch students’ thinking
  • Textual analysis through text structures
  • Moving students to independence
  • Relating to students
  • Building community

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