writing 3-5REGISTER:   Grades k-5

Grade Levels: K-5

Description: The purpose of the immersion phase is to help students develop a thorough understanding of the type of text they will be writing. The goal is to move students from explorers of the text type to writers of it. This two day series will support teachers with how to assist K-5 students in developing a greater understanding of: a) the definition and purpose of each text type, b) characteristics of each type, c) how these texts tend to go, and d) author’s craftsmanship. Additionally, criteria for selecting K-5 mentor text and effective instructional strategies will be shared. Immersion will elevate your writing program to a whole new level!!

SCECHs: Pending

Intended Audience: ELA Teachers,Special Educators, Anxillary Staff, Grades K-5

Date and Time: K–5 (3/20/18 & 5/1/18)

Presenter: Dr. Sandy Biondo

Contact Person: Michele Farah    michele.farah@oakland.k12.mi.us