Grade Levels: K-2

460407233Description: This series introduces teachers to the classroom cultures and instructional practices that research suggests are critical to nurturing and developing thoughtful, motivated, and proficient writers.

The series will be an in-depth study designed to increase teacher’s pedagogical content knowledge of teaching writing to K-2 grade students. This offering will help you be prepared to incorporate the new Common Core Standards into your Language Arts program.

Ongoing Areas of Exploration Include:

  • Learn how to organize a writing workshop approach to teaching writing
  • Develop effective mini-lessons based on students’ needs
  • Explore the essential components of an effective conference
  • Learn about the critical role of Immersion and the use of mentor text
  • Build yearlong plans based on Common Core State Standards, qualities of good writing, and students’ needs
  • Build shared language and knowledge of writing terms, goals and processes
  • Establish routines and rituals to encourage independence and stamina
  • Review the Common Core State Standards for writing
  • Study various forms of assessments

Dates: 4 days: June 20-23, 2017

Intended Audience: K- 2 Grade Teachers, Literacy Coaches and Special Education Teachers

Presenters:  Michele Farah Ph.D. , Literacy Consultant, Oakland Schools and Sandra Biondo Ph.D., Independent Contractor

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