aariAdolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative – AARI is an accelerated county–wide initiative focused on academic literacy designed to bring Elementary, Middle, and High School students to grade level quickly. AARI is based on fifty years of state of the art literacy research and focuses on critical thinking with  expository text to help students access content from texts.  The pedagogical approach emphasizes small group instruction that meets students where they are and accelerates their reading through instruction built around community, text-based inferencing and critical thinking, text structure, text talk, and questioning the author.             Contact: Jill Jessen-Maneice

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.34.39 AMMSU/WIDE Statewide Research Writing Collaborative – This statewide group of 6-12 ELA teachers is working in partnership with MSU’s Writing in Digital Environments Co-director, Professor Jeff Grabill, closely studying peer review in the revision cycle of writing process. Over 1,500 students’ writing, feedback, and revision plans will be gathered. From that data gathered in the online peer review Eli software, both formative and summative assessment tools aiding in the teaching of argument and persuasion will be developed (learning progressions, developmental writing continuums, rubrics, checklists, review tasks, annotated student writing, and online PD modules). Contact: Susan Wilson-Golab

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Common Core Cross Curricular Research Writing Initiative (C4) – This year-long initiative in 2013-14 was an opportunity for teams of teachers from a single building and grade-level to design and pilot a multi-week interdisciplinary curricular unit that focuses on research writing skills. Teachers from multiple content-areas created an interdisciplinary experience for students that builds their literacy and research skills.  To explore these interdisciplinary unit, visit Atlas Rubicon. Contact: Delia DeCourcy

Teaching Research Writing Resources Website – This website was developed by a team of cross contentlogo_6 area educators to provide a student research independence continuum, research writing skills progression, and lessons to support teachers as they implement the Common Core literacy standards.  The lessons on the site are intended to support existing research-related units by focusing on particular skills in the research writing process, as well as support the design of smaller, focused research writing projects. Contact: Delia DeCourcy

Curriculum Training Institute 2015 – The Curriculum Training Institute helps support K-12 ELA teachers teaching in high priority and MiExcel schools. The Institute is designed to help teachers formatively assess and adjust instruction in the contexts of a yearlong curriculum design (MAISA Units will provide a model from which teachers may adapt). Teachers in the training will receive on-going support from Oakland Schools ELA coaches across the instructional year. Evidence based strategies with proven results in high priority contexts, resources, and student artifacts will be shared.


The Curriculum Institute, a 2 year cohort, aims to support teachers into:

  • a professional learning network focusing on reflective practice
  • understanding and enacting a Gradual Release instructional framework with embedded on-going formative assessment practices
  • effectively translating formative assessment data and adjusting instruction
  • building and sustaining student literacy habits that boost student achievement

Contact: Susan Wilson-Golab