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Resources for Collaborating with Families

The cumulative impact of summer reading loss significantly affects reading proficiency and school achievement, especially for students who are economically disadvantaged. Providing children with self-selected books to read during the summer is an effective strategy for addressing the problem of summer reading loss (Allington & McGill-Franzen, 2013). 

Oakland Schools encourages districts to create systems for collaborating with families, providing access to self-selected culturally-relevant, high-interest texts, and promoting summer reading for all students. It is essential that districts plan now for what supports will be in place for children they serve. While individual teachers have a role in supporting summer reading for their students and families, strategic district-level planning is required to ensure that all students have access to text over the summer.  

The resources listed below are offered to help districts design systems for students and families that prevent summer reading loss.


Research on Summer Reading Loss:wink


Designing Systems to Prevent Summer Reading Loss:


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