6-8 Narrative Writing Student Artifacts

os_literacy_logo-stackedWet Mess
Grade 6. A story about two friends who make a mess at home.

Untitled Memoir
Grade 7. A memoir about a student’s struggle with math.

Untitled Memoir
Grade 7. A memoir about a family member’s death; an advanced example.

The Game
Grade 7. A memoir about playing organized basketball; an intermediate-beginner example.

Grade 8. A poem that explores the process of poetry writing.

The Stage
Grade 8. A poem about the feelings of performing onstage.

Grade 8. A poem about a swimming competition.

The Ice Rink
Grade 8. A poem exploring ice skating and changing seasons.

Our Rights
Grade 8. A poem exploring wars, individual freedom, and history.

6-8 Informational Writing Student Artifacts

os_literacy_logo-stackedPandas’ Extinction
Grade 6. An informational essay about the causes of pandas’ extinction.

1966 World Cup Final
Grade 7. An informational essay about the 1966 World Cup Final.

Prologue: Jim Crow Laws
Grade 7. A chapter that could have been included in a book about the Montgomery bus boycott.

Emmett Till
Grade 7. A chapter that could have been included in a book about the Montgomery bus boycott.

Year Round Schooling
Grade 8. An informational essay about year-round school calendars.

School All Year?
Grade 8. An informational essay weighing the costs and benefits of year-round schooling.

Not Just on Printing Paper
Grade 8. An informational essay comparing the pros and cons of 3-D printing.

6-8 Argument Writing Student Artifacts


Year-Round Calendar
Grade 6. Two paragraphs arguing against a year-round calendar. 

How Peter Neilsen Showed Bravery
Grade 6. A literary essay about Number the Stars, a novel.

Public School vs. Homeschool
Grade 7. A paragraph arguing in favor of public schooling. 

Exercise vs. Diet
Grade 7. A four-paragraph essay arguing in favor of a healthy diet; an advanced example. 

Schools Should Give Time to Get up and Move…
Grade 7. A paragraph advocating the benefits of exercise breaks in school; an on-target example.

The Outsiders
Grade 7. A literary essay about The Outsiders, a novel.

The Outsiders
Grade 7. A second literary essay about The Outsiders.

Nap Time
Grade 8. A paragraph arguing that naps would benefit students. 

Legalization of Marijuana
Grade 8. An op-ed arguing against the legalization of marijuana.

Concussions Turning into Further Disease
Grade 8. An op-ed arguing that concussions in the NFL are preventable. 

Baltimore Breakout
Grade 8. An op-ed arguing that police in Baltimore need to quell protests and riots.

Christina Lattimore’s Struggle with Innocence
Grade 8. A literary essay analyzing the protagonist of The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore.

Finding Life off the Path
Grade 8. A literary essay exploring the thematic connection between soccer and destiny, in the novel The Keeper.

Changed with Friendship
Grade 8. A literary essay analyzing the importance of confidence, in the novel The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian.

The War on Words
Grade 8. A literary essay looking at the nature of changing opinions in World War II Germany, in the novel The Boy who Dared.

The Choice of Life or Death
Grade 8. A literary essay about a character’s near-death experience, in the novel I Stay.