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Find an overview of the AARI intervention framework, elements for successful implementation, and professional learning supports HERE.
The AARI framework is built on a strong foundation of literacy and classroom culture research. Access the AARI 2.0 bibliography HERE.

AARI Learning Labs

Learning Labs

ALL AARI Educators are Welcome!

During Learning Labs, educators visit two authentic AARI classes in multiple Oakland County school districts. Then engage in practice-centered dialogue with other AARI educators.

Please register in the AARI miPLACE group or email [email protected]

New to AARI?

Join us for 11 days of professional learning that include:

  • 5-day Summer Institute
  • 5 after school Design Studios
  • 1 Learning Lab
  • PLUS 2 (minimum) job-embedded coaching sessions
  • Self-paced, online QRI modules
  • State required clock hours available

New AARI Educator Learning Dates

Ongoing AARI Learning

Ongoing AARI Learning Includes…

  • Advanced AARI
  • Design Studios
  • Learning Labs
  • Webinars (in development)
  • Online, Self-Paced Video Modules
  • Online, Self-Paced QRI Modules

Why join AARI ongoing learning?

  1. Learning is social. Learning together increases our growth as educators.
  2. We’re always learning something new, and we want to learn from each other.
  3. In addition to sharing our learning, we want to share the resources we’re developing based on educators’ feedback.
  4. It’s available to all AARI educators at no additional cost (except Advanced AARI).

Advanced AARI

Advanced AARI is two days of professional learning to build deeper understanding of the AARI framework and collaborate with AARI colleagues. In this blended conference/unconference format, AARI educators engage in whole group learning and breakout sessions. Some breakout sessions are pre-planned and facilitated by AARI Instructional Leaders, while other breakout sessions form around participants’ topics of interest and are facilitated collectively. This is for educators who have attended the AARI (or ACRI) Institute. 

Additional Learning Opportunities

Please register in the AARI miPLACE group or email [email protected]

About AARI


What is AARI?

The Adolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative (AARI) is a Tier 2/3 (MTSS) short-term, intensive intervention that accelerates reading comprehension and critical thinking in informational text. AARI is for general and special education students in grades three through twelve and English Learners with a minimum overall WIDA proficiency score of 3.0. The instructional framework is built on evidence-based strategies and culture-centered research.

How does AARI work?

AARI focuses on critical thinking with informational text to help students access content from texts.

AARI emphasizes small group instruction that meets students where they are and accelerates their reading through instruction built around:

  • Community
  • Text-Based Inferencing and Critical Thinking
  • Question Answer Relationship (QAR) and Questioning the Author (QtA)
  • Text Structure

AARI seeks to support students in building more positive reader identities that empower them in all aspects of their lives.

What are the required elements for successful AARI implementation?

  • Small groups based on reading levels
  • Daily instruction
  • Student growth measured by pre/post Qualitative Reading Inventory
  • Ongoing professional learning for all AARI educators that includes coaching, after-school support, and learning labs
  • Administrative support in scheduling small classes and release time for assessing students

What is the Teaching Approach?

  • Responsive teaching
  • Asking inferential questions that stretch students’ thinking
  • Text analysis through text structures
  • Moving students to independence
  • Building community

Who would benefit from AARI?

Interested In Finding Out More?

Jill Jessen-Maneice


Jill joined Oakland Schools in 2015 after a decade as an ELA, political science, and reading intervention teacher in a local high school. After several years developing and implementing Advanced Placement Language and Composition curriculum, Jill moved into reading intervention with the Adolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative (AARI), where she has discovered her passion for empowering struggling readers to have the confidence to influence their world – all through the power of reading.

In her role at Oakland Schools, Jill is a reading interventionist with Learning Services and partners with Special Education. She works largely with AARI, a reading intervention framework that accelerates students’ literacy skills (focused on reading comprehension) and critical thinking in expository text for grades three through twelve. Jill supports AARI educators and their content area colleagues in their classrooms and through an ever growing and evolving community of dedicated educators.

Jill also supports educators and districts exploring strategies for questioning students in text, making text visible through text mapping, and delving into content area literacy, Cultures of Thinking, and job-embedded professional learning. She is interested in multi-cultural education and culturally responsive teaching.

Growing up, Jill lived all over Michigan, but came to the area to attend Oakland University (Go Golden Grizzlies!). Outside of the office, she is involved in a local faith community, does Crossfit, mentors young women, and enjoys living life with her two favorite guys (one human, one four-legged).