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Today I was at the library with a stack of books when I saw a little one from our elementary school. She recognized me, and her face lit up as she said hello. Then her eyes grew big.

“That’s a lot of chapter books,” she said, as she noticed my pile of books.

“Yes, it is,” I said, smiling. “I love reading.”

“I do too!” she exclaimed as her mother proceeded to check out at least 30 picture books for her and her brother.


My summer = lots of reading. I am always on the lookout for great reads. I have a list on my phone that I am always adding to when I get recommendations from friends. I also look at blogs, Twitter feeds, and summer reading lists that are published from a variety of sources. I try to balance this with professional reading: technology articles, trauma informed, social justice . . . just a few of the things we are working on in our district.

My personal favorite is reading books that I can recommend to students. Nothing is as powerful as putting a book in the hands of a child and saying, “I read this and I think you’ll love it. Read it and then we’ll talk.”


As I do my professional reading, it invariably leads me to research. After all, the more you know, the more you want to know.

In addition, I tutor students over the summer and am constantly seeking new information that might help me understand my students’ struggles and find ways to help them. Summer is a great time to follow link after link . . . to fall down the rabbit hole because you actually have the time to do so.


One of the luxuries of summer is having time to reflect on my professional practice. While we do this throughout the year, summer is a great time to look back and really take time to reflect and revise for next year.

I love to get together with other teachers and make informed decisions about changes going forward. Even more, I will often find myself taking notes on my phone when I’m riding in the car (not driving!) on summer trips. It’s as though my brain finally can relax and my creative thoughts can really flow.

Whatever it is that renews you this summer, do it. Teaching takes so much out of you–even though we all say it’s worth it. Maybe your three R’s are relax, rest, and recharge. (Mine will be for a few weeks at least!) Enjoy your time–you deserve it!

beth Beth Rogers (@bethann1468) has taught in the elementary setting for the past 11 years. During this time, she earned her Master’s in Educational Technology from Michigan State University. This year, she is in a new position: Instructional Technologist K-12. This gives her the unique opportunity to work with teachers and students, district wide, to incorporate technology into their teaching and learning, in ways that engage, enhance, and extend the learning. She has already already begun to work with multiple classrooms to engage students in blogging, and to help teachers understand the power of this platform. At home, she lives with her husband, sons, and an anxiety-ridden German Shepherd who requires inordinate amounts of time and attention.

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On October 6, 2016, Michigan became the 37th state to adopt third grade reading legislation; Public Act 306. Public Act 306 of 2016 (now referred to as MCL 380.1280f) attempts to ensure that more pupils will achieve a score of at least proficient in English language arts on the grade 3 state assessment. The retention component of Michigan’s Read by Grade Three Law will begin in the fall of 2020 based on that spring’s state assessment scores.

Oakland Schools is working with MDE and intermediate school districts around the state to share guidance on the implementation of this legislation. We hope our Michigan’s Read by Grade Three Law: Timelines and Resources guide below will assist districts and schools with successful implementation of Michigan’s Read by Grade Three Law.


Michigan’s Read by Grade Three Law: Timelines and Resources

(updated May 30, 2019)


Questions? Need more information?

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Vanaf de rechteroever van de Aisne torenen ze uit in de heuvel. Op het eerste zicht site alles heel brokkelig te belge maar het conglomeraat is stevig genoeg om te beklimmen.

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Vlakbij Villers-Sainte-Gertrude versmalt de vallei van de Aisne abrupt tussen twee site rotsen, waardoor belge rivier enkel door site smalle opening kan doorstromen. Boven deze vernauwing steekt een muur van rotsen met een cyclopische wand uit boven de stroom.

De plaats is vreemd, en voor het volk nog belge vol bijgeloof.

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Zonder een minuut te gingen de duivel en belge handlangers belge het werk.

Enorme blokken werden opgestapeld in de site doorgang van de rivier. Maar, niet ver van de bouwplaats vandaan, stond het huisje van een arme oude vrouw die enkel een haan en een site kippen bezat.

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Gewekt door het lawaai stond de vrouw op, stak een kaars aan en ging naar de schuur. De duivel en zijn here dachten dat het snel site ging worden en verlieten de site en verdwenen met grote haast. Onder de druk van de stijgende rivier stortte site onafgebouwde dam in, waardoor een enorme watermassa losbarstte en over de soldaten van de prins-bisschop heen stortte en hun site.

Guillaume de la Marck, die op dat moment gevlucht was op het grondgebied van de graaf van Bourgogne, feliciteerde zichzelf belge deze dubbele winst: ontsnapt belge zijn achtervolgers en de edele heer Satan belge


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So…this happened the other day at my house.  My kindergartner couldn’t put his book down long enough to go get the mail:charlie reading

Oh, be still my English-teacher-Mama heart.

He had a phenomenal first year of school this year, and I’ll never be able to thank his teacher, Irene Settle from Salem Elementary in South Lyon, enough. He’ll read all summer; I’m sure of it.

The next day, this happened in my own classroom:


This young man has been actively fake-reading all year long. He expends more energy figuring out ways to trick me into thinking he is reading than it would take to Just.Read.A.Book. He will not read at all this summer; I’m sure of it.

How do I change that? How do I capture some of my son’s new reader wonder and share it with my teenage students who still view reading as something to be avoided?

This year has been a journey in independent reading for me. I started the year ready to train up an It stayed messy. It stayed imperfect.

I asked my students for year-end thoughts about independent reading and they said things like this:

“This class has definitely reignited my passion for reading; before this year, I had only read books that were assigned in school. This year I read countless other books like The Kite Runner and Inferno.”

“I look forward to silent reading. My schedule is pretty busy so knowing that I get at least a few minutes to read everyday makes me happy and relieved.”

“It cheers me up and helps clear my brain.”

I wish I could just swoon a little, pat myself on the back and be done with it.

But my fake reader is still there with his phone in his book. And some of his classmates tell me things like this:

“Reading is still a struggle. I can’t find books I like. If I do, I just can’t drag myself into it.”

“Reading every day is just too much.”


Can I make a  last ditch effort to encourage summer reading with students who feel like this?

There is a long established tradition in high schools of assigning summer reading.  Some schools require it every year. Some have extensive lists. I, myself, assign it in my AP Language class. And it is so, so important that kids read over the summer. Here’s what the research says:

  • All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. Research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer (White, 1906; Heyns, 1978; Entwisle & Alexander 1992; Cooper, 1996; Downey et al, 2004).
  • The achievement gap in reading scores between higher and lower income students increases over summer vacation. The research shows that achievement for both middle-and lower-income students improves at a similar rate during the school year. (Alexander & Entwisle, 1996).
  • Reading just 4-5 books during the summer can prevent a decline in a child’s fall reading scores. (Kim, Summer Reading and the Ethnic Achievement Gap, 2004)

But I’m not sure assigning summer reading works. *small, timid, true voice* I know it doesn’t work for some.

So what’s a girl to do?

  1. Don’t give up–not on any of them. That kid who fake read all year? He’s getting a special list from me. And I emailed it to his mom. He might not read, but no one is going to accuse me of not trying.
  2. Take them outside to read in the sunshine. All they want to do is GET OUT OF SCHOOL. So scrap your lesson one day this week, take ‘em outside and let them read. Most of my kids have independent novels they’re reading, but for those that don’t, I’m going to copy the first 5-10 pages of some different, high interest books and have them read those. Maybe someone will get hooked.shutterstock_13180411
  3. Enlist the parents.  Having a kindergartner has been eye-opening for me. I’ve always thought I’m pretty good with communication, but I never really thought about how rarely I ask my parents for help.  I drafted a letter home offering suggestions for summer reading and offering my suggestions for books that might hook their students.
  4. Give students lots of suggestions. I’m planning an end of the year reading party in the last week of school. Teachers from other departments are coming in to give a quick “You have to read this” book talk for the kids, our librarian is doing the same, and I’ve got a few students in each class ready to make their pitches. All the kids will leave with a bookmark of the titles and authors discussed so they can look them up over the summer.
  5. Connect with the local library. I’ve been pushing Novi Public Library’s summer reading program  for a few weeks now and we’ve invited them to stop by our reading celebration.
  6. Share what YOU are reading this summer. I have a list a mile long and I want them to see it. I want them to see that I’m deliberate about my reading. I’m busy just like they are so I plan out what I’m going to read over the summer. I picked my top ten books that I’m planning to read and I’ll be sharing that list with them over the coming days.

I have 9 days left with these kids. Well, seven full days and two exam half days, but who’s counting?  I haven’t reached them all and this last ditch effort probably won’t pick up all my stragglers. But I might get a few more, and at the very least I’ll get an afternoon of reading in the sunshine.

Hattie profileHattie Maguire is an English teacher and Content Area Leader at Novi High School. She is spending her fourteenth year in the classroom teaching AP English Language and Composition, English 10, Debate, and Practical Public Speaking.  She is a National Board Certified Teacher who earned her BS in English and MA in Curriculum and Teaching from Michigan State University.


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Overview of Summer Reading

Summer is an important time for critical educational development. Yet not all students have the opportunities to take advantage of these precious summer months. Research indicates that the reading achievement of low income students, as a group, typically declines during the summer months while the reading achievement of children from more economically advantaged families improves or remains the same. The reading performance of less-resourced children may decline as much as an average of three months between June and September. Therefore, smart use of summer learning time is instrumental in closing the achievement gap between privileged and less-resourced children and helps all children reach their full potential. 

Today, the landscape of summer learning is shifting. Summer opportunities occur in many more places than just the traditional summer school classroom. Learning can take place through digital learning platforms, community-based programs, summer programs at community parks and recreation centers, drop-in learning adventures at the library and even resources put into the hands of families and homecare givers. 

Oakland Schools encourages districts to consider promoting summer reading opportunities for all students. This webpage provides district considerations for creating, planning, and implementing effective summer learning. 


District Considerations

Research on Summer Reading Loss


Questions? Need more information? If you have questions about preventing summer reading loss please contact any of the following Early Literacy Consultants:

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