Interested in on-site or embedded professional learning?

466567345Consultants from the Oakland Schools Literacy Team are available:

  • to facilitate workshops for educators in Oakland County during district provided professional development days, department meetings, and staff meetings. We will work with you to design an experience that best meets the needs of the teachers.  Ideally, these workshops will not stand alone, but will serve as part of an ongoing series and process to address a problem of practice or resource implementation effort in your school or district.
  • to design and facilitate lab classroom experiences, visit PLCs, and facilitate instructional problem solving. We will work with administrators and teachers to design an experience that best meets the staff’s needs.

To learn more about our consultants and the kinds of experiences they can facilitate for your building or district,  Meet the Team.

Interested in on-site professional learning for your special education staff?

OS Special Education Webpage

Our special education consultants are available to work with special education teachers who supplement core instruction or teach in a self-contained classroom.  These workshops and problem-solving conversations can address literacy interventions for students who need more specialized instruction to be successful readers and writers in the classroom.  This work can also address literacy instruction for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.

Oakland County school districts can request professional learning from the Oakland Schools Special Education Professional Learning Unit by clicking here:

SE PL REQ Button

Once we determine that we have the resources to fill your request, a confirmation email will be sent to the district Special Education Director. All further planning will occur between the OS staff assigned and the district contact person listed in your electronic request.