Grade Level(s): 3-12


Maybe you’re a tech savvy teacher who needs time to explore and plan new ways of infusing technology into your literacy-based instruction. Or maybe you’re just embarking on the tech integration journey to make it part of your literacy instruction. Either way, you’re welcome at the Lit & Tech Design Studio. During each three-hour session, educators will spend the first hour learning about integrating technology into a specific area of literacy-focused instruction (see specifics below). The final two hours of the session are an opportunity for educators to explore tools and plan their own literacy-focused projects and lessons with the support of Oakland Schools consultants and teacher leaders. These projects and lessons may or may not connect to the workshop’s instructional focus for that day. The goal of the Design Studio is to support literacy educators in the tech-related teaching and learning they want to do.

 SCECHs: pending

Who Should Attend?: ELA, Social Studies and Science teachers interested in how technology can facilitate effective student literacy practices. Grade level teams and departments are encouraged to attend together.

Topics, Dates & Time: 

There are four sessions offered.  You may register for one, some, or all of the sessions.

shutterstock_51940792All sessions are 1:00pm – 4:15 pm

Session 1 (Tuesday, October 6): Instructional Focus: Formative Assessment Tools for Literacy Instruction

Session 2 (Tuesday, December 1):  Instructional Focus: Digital Writing Workshop

Session 3 (Tuesday, February 2):  Instructional Focus: Digital Reading Practices & Tools

Session 4 (Tuesday, March 29) : Instructional Focus: Research – Online Student Inquiry & Production

Delia DeCourcy

Location: Oakland Schools

Event Contact : Kim Adragna, [email protected], 248.209.2195