Facilitator: Stephanie Dulmage, Technology/Curriculum Integration Specialist,
West Bloomfield, Michigan School District
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 7-8pm EST (optional follow up discussion from 8-9pm)
recording    slides and resources

Learn about the what, why, and how of using social media to boost literacy learning during this interactive webinar. We will explore how leveraging social media tools like Twitter/Twiducate, Edmodo, and Google Hangouts increases student engagement and provides opportunities to share concise thinking about texts. We’ll experiment with some platforms and also talk about the most effective ways to incorporate these platforms into your regular classroom practice.  Participants should sign up for a Twitter account before the webinar begins.

Stephanie Dulmage is a Technology/Curriculum Integration Specialist in the West Bloomfield School District. She has 27 years of classroom experience and 2 years serving at the district level to support technology integration and school improvement. Her most recent accomplishments include: participation in the Galileo Leadership Academy, earning an  Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership, and organizing EdcampOU and Edcamp WBWL. She’s passionate about educational leadership, learning, learner engagement, and leveraging technology to transform the learning environment with a focus on: increasing student voice and choice, ownership and personalization of learning, and learner contributions. Stephanie is an active blogger with a strong presence in Twitter educational learning networks and chats. She hosts three blogs and the #800voices Galileo Leadership Academy chat.

Twitter ID: @stephe1234