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Audience: teachers in all content areas and grades

Format: six hours of self-paced, online modules; to be used individually or with PLCs, departments or teams.


The Introduction to Formative Assessment course contains six modules. The first is an introduction to the five strategies of formative assessment, and the subsequent modules provide a deeper exploration of each of the five. Each module is designed to take an hour to complete, excluding the optional activities.

In the course’s six modules you will:

  • complete reflections on your own teaching practice and where you stand with formative assessment,
  • watch presentations and videos,
  • read texts,
  • take short quizzes, and
  • brainstorm ideas for implementing these strategies in your classroom.

You will learn about:

  • the five strategies of formative assessment,
  • clarifying and sharing learning intentions,
  • providing effective feedback to students,
  • engineering effective discussions and tasks,
  • activating students as learning resources for one another, and
  • activating students as owners of their own learning.

SCECHs: available – 6 hours

Consultant Contact: [email protected]