Ongoing AARI Learning Includes…

  • Advanced AARI
  • Design Studios
  • Learning Labs
  • Webinars (in development)
  • Online, Self-Paced Video Modules
  • Online, Self-Paced QRI Modules

Why join AARI ongoing learning?

  1. Learning is social. Learning together increases our growth as educators.
  2. We’re always learning something new, and we want to learn from each other.
  3. In addition to sharing our learning, we want to share the resources we’re developing based on educators’ feedback.
  4. It’s available to all AARI educators at no additional cost (except Advanced AARI).

Advanced AARI

Advanced AARI is two days of professional learning to build deeper understanding of the AARI framework and collaborate with AARI colleagues. In this blended conference/unconference format, AARI educators engage in whole group learning and breakout sessions. Some breakout sessions are pre-planned and facilitated by AARI Instructional Leaders, while other breakout sessions form around participants’ topics of interest and are facilitated collectively. This is for educators who have attended the AARI (or ACRI) Institute. 

Additional Learning Opportunities

Please register in the AARI miPLACE group or email [email protected]