Executive Functioning Skills: Recommended Resources

Click HERE for recommended resources to support executive functioning skills for success in the classroom.

Informational/Nonfiction Text & Text Set Resources

Reading Ladders Wiki

Sibert Nonfiction Medal & Honors Books (for children and teens)

Nonfiction Detectives – reviews of the best nonfiction books for kids (ages 5-18) by two librarians

Digital Text

Michigan e-Library

Teachers College Reading & Writing Project Digital Nonfiction Text Sets

NewsELA – a free site with a database of high interest nonfiction articles that can  each be read at 5 different lexile levels. Accompanying quizzes can be used to test student comprehension. Articles are tagged with relevant Common Core State Standards.

Story Shares – a free site with high-interest, accessible novels for adolescents who struggle with reading.

Teen Ink – a magazine featuring fiction and nonfiction writing by teens; useful for student writing samples


Smithsonian Magazine

Discover Magazine – science for the curious

National Geographic

National Geographic for Kids


TED Talks

PBS Video

Frontline – PBS’s public affairs series that features documentaries about pressing issues


This American Life – an NPR original; each episode contains multiple stories focused on a single theme

The Moth – real people tell real stories

Serial – a twelve episode series about a single story

Publishing Student Work


Teen Ink – a website and printed magazine with writing by teens for teens. This site accepts art, poems, stories, personal narratives, college admission essays, and reviews of favorite (and least favorite) movies, books, colleges, and websites for their monthly print and online magazine.

Figment – a site for teenagers who love to write and want to share their work and talk about creative writing with other young people

Frodo’s Notebook – an online quarterly magazine that invites teen writers to submit personal nonfiction essays, fiction, poetry, and reviews.

Youth Voices – a National Writing Project supported site; We invite youth of all ages to voice their thoughts about their passions, to explain things they understand well, to wonder about things they have just begun to understand, and to share discussion posts with other young people using as many different genres and media as they can imagine!

Bookopolis – GoodReads for kids, where students can post and share book reviews

Launchpad – provides a creative and engaging atmosphere for young writers and artists to display their work. 

Genius – interconnected websites that allow people to engage in social annotation of news, sports, literature, song lyrics, history and screenplays

Tools & Platforms

Issuu – free web-based publishing; upload PDFs for slick looking, colorful products

KidBlog – safe and simple blogging platform for students

Tumblr – blog platform more appropriate for high school students

Blogger – Google’s blogging platform; privacy settings can be adjusted

Wikispaces – a wiki platform you can use to have students publish for each other or write collaboratively