Website PicOn October 6, 2016, Michigan became the 37th state to adopt third grade reading legislation when Governor Rick Snyder signed Public Act 306 into law. Public Act 306 of 2016 (now referred to as MCL 380.1280f) will require all 3rd Grade students not scoring proficient on the 3rd Grade English Language Arts state summative assessment be retained. This legislation took effect immediately and 2016-17 kindergarteners will be the first cohort of students impacted by the retention aspects of the law in 2019-20.

Oakland Schools is working with intermediate school districts around the state to share guidance on implementation of this legislation. We hope the PA 306 of 2016: Third Grade Reading Timelines & Resources guide below will assist districts and schools with successful implementation of Michigan’s 3rd Grade Reading Law.


PA 306 of 2016: Third Grade Reading Timelines & Resources

(updated May 30, 2018)


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