Podcast #20: Teachers College Institute

Berkley TchrsBerkley School District sent a group of eight educators, administrators, and teachers to the Teachers College Small Group and Conferring Institute. In this podcast, five of these educators discuss what they learned, how they will use this information to improve student learning, and how they will share this with colleagues.

The five educators who discuss their learning on the podcast are:

Stacie Angel. Instructional Support Specialist. sangel@berkleyschools.org
Scott Francis. Principal, Pattengill Elementary. sfrancis@berkleyschools.org
Prima Dailey. 1st Grade Teacher. pdailey@berkleyschools.org
Lauren Wexler. 1st Grade Teacher. lwexler@berkleyschools.org
Jennifer Griffith. 3rd Grade Teacher. jgriffith@berkleyschools.org

You can listen to the podcast in the player below, or you can find it on iTunes.



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