Students w/ IEPs

SE PL The mission of Oakland Schools Special Populations Capacity Building Unit is to facilitate a continuum of responsive professional learning with special educators to increase student engagement and achievement.  Professional learning aims to facilitate access to and progress in the general curriculum for students with IEPs.


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Comprehensive professional learning, resources, and networking opportunities are available to assist school staff in providing high quality intervention and specialized instruction for:

  • The 1% of students with IEPs who have, or function as if they have, cognitive impairments and whose IEP Team has determined that general assessments, even with accommodations, are not appropriate. These students take alternate state assessments of learning.
Teachers of the 99%

Professional learning opportunities support educators who deliver specialized instruction and interventions for students with IEPs (99%) who participate in general education state assessments of learning.

These students receive core English Language Arts instruction aligned to the Michigan Standards, and their learning is accelerated when special education supplements the classroom core literacy program.

Access RESOURCES that support the professional learning of educators for these students HERE.

Teachers of the 1%

Professional learning opportunities are offered to support educators of students with IEPs with the most significant cognitive disabilities (1%) who participate in the alternate annual state assessment of learning.

These students receive their academic instruction, including English Language Arts, aligned to the essential elements of the Michigan Standards, in their local school districts or county centers for all.  The goal of instruction for these students is acceleration of learning, so that students progress through emergent and conventional phases of literacy learning.

Access RESOURCES that support the professional learning of educators for these students HERE.

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OS Special Education Webpage